Every place on Earth is fascinating but Peru is unique. Peru is not only archaeological sites. Peru is an alive culture. Peru has an invaluable cultural diversity expressed in 72 indigenous and tropical nationalities corresponding to about 12 language families that occupy more than 10% of the country (or nearly all of Portugal), to which are added the Quechua and Aymara Andean societies.

All of them have managed to adapt and endure over time in a dynamic process of cultural exchange which must be added the influence of other cultures such as Spanish, African and Chinese, constituting a cultural richness that is expressed in a number of practices, representations and artistic expressions and festive, native languages​​, worldviews, knowledge and skills as food, medicine, crafts, textiles and various tools, artefacts and cultural spaces, which has laid the foundation for a national identity complex. This enormous wealth testifies as many of our cultural expressions remain alive, constantly exchanging and contributing from their own spaces and values ​​to national development.

Together with this important cultural heritage, Peru is one of the 8 mega-diverse countries in the world.  Peru has a wonderful natural wealth that has allowed time being and existence of diverse societies. Peru has 84 of the 117 life zones of the world, 28 of the 32 types of climate in the world; 25,000 species of flora; 75,000 endemic plants; 4,400 native plants used by the population; 128 domesticated native plants; 2,000 species of marine and freshwater fish; 3,000 species of orchids and access to 3 macrocuencas: Amazon, Lake Titicaca and the Pacific.

In resume, the reasons that you must visit Peru are:

  • To figure out its ancient ruins
  • To see its natural diversity
  • To experience its culture
  • To meet friendly people
  • To enjoy their culinary delights
  • To feel environment
  • To participate in its colorful festivals
  • To know the wonderful wildlife
  • To do adventures sports

Peru has a multicultural environments. From the coast to the mountains and the rainforest, you can enjoy with the friendly, hospitality and warmth of its people.

Travel Life Peru wants to share the culture, history, and nature, everything about Peru will be a unique mixture of people, creation and innovation, every day, connecting services for you and making you to feel at home.